Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® TX Chapter 23-7 "Capital of Texas"

Veteran Outreach Program (VOP)

'Acta Non Verba - Actions Not Words'

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Outreach Program is to aid in the mission of “Veterans helping Veterans” in the Greater Austin Area. Chapter Sponsorship will help fund and/or donate needed items to this program, assisting us in making a difference in Veterans’ lives.


Our objective is to select a Veteran or Veteran family as needed to aid by way of:

    • Monetary Donations
    • Payment of Bills/Debts/etc. directly to the debtor.
    • Gift Cards to “Big Box” stores, grocery stores, or other household supply stores.
    • Material Support (Needed Item(s) for household, family, etc.).
    • Manpower or “Sweat Equity” (Completion of repairs/upgrades to the property, moving to a new property, upkeep of the existing property, etc.).
    • Any combination of the above.

To nominate a Veteran or Veteran Family in need of support, please click the button below and fill out the form. You will be contacted by a member of the Outreach Committee who will work with you to put forward this Veteran or Family for consideration. Please ensure Veterans and Families are in the greater Austin, TX area.

To contact our Outreach Committee, please email